Issue 71 – Science and Tech in Experimental Literature

Submit your work by December 31, 2018

The most stupefying aspect of modern life is the speed with which it moves. Every day a faster computer is for sale, or there’s a breakthrough in pharmacology, or a more powerful satellite is launched into orbit. The research and development of new ideas never stops in the laboratories of the world, but how has all this so-called advancement influenced literature? What pools of language have collected around new fields of study and emergent technologies? How have consumer electronics changed what is possible in the production of literature? Is there a connection between experimental writing and the experimental methodologies used for scientific discovery? While none of these questions are new, nonstop innovation means that there are always new answers, and we want to know yours!

The editors at filling Station welcome submissions of experimental poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, and reviews concerned with the ever-expanding realms of science and technology. This may include work about these topics, or work which incorporate technology into the process of its creation. We specifically encourage submissions from creators who identify with female, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, immigrant, impoverished, survivor, or other marginalized communities.

Send your original unpublished work through Submittable with the words SCIENCE & TECH in the title and cover letter by December 31 for consideration in Issue 71.

Detailed submissions guidelines can be found on our website


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 We encourage you to submit experimental interviews, articles, reviews,  and creative nonfiction.

Please note that we will generally not accept reviews of non-experimental literature unless the review itself is experimental. We are looking to engage with and draw attention to literature that pushes the boundaries of genre, form, methodology, style, etc. Submit 2 pieces of any such kind via Submittable.

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